NOVEMBER 6, 2022Some thoughts of the current hopeless situation in Hungary. These informations are based on the sad truth and from the news. The question is!!!! Is the news correct? Maybe or maybe not. Depends on which channel we watch right?
Left or right hand?! Who belongs to which political group.
I never been into politics simply because I felt no matter what people want, I mean every day simple little people, because always happens what the BIG people say. I think if the government and the man or women who directly works for them wants to be well off it's ok as long as they let the every day little people breath too. This seem like that is not the case any longer in Hungary. People are scared. Scared of many many things. The monthly pay isn't enough in the first place and now food, gas, electric bill, EVERYTHING is rising to the point where it will be impossible to pay. I see people including myself in the grocery stores looking at items and when the price is clearly noticed on the packages the items are placed back on the shelfs! Some people are screaming out of anger, some gently react with tears in their eyes. Whispering softly I can't buy this!  People will not be able to pay the heater during this winter since gas price went up 7-8 times compare to the last year bill. Electric bills have also doubled up which was also at where people was paying last year. Crazy times we are experiencing and it was blamed on the war which been going on between Russia and Ukrainian. It's just funny that other European counties gas prices is lowered and the government will help everyone in December to pay the gas bill. The war is a global issue if not effects whole Europe yet only our county is under this impossible situation. Here no one will get help, instead many people will get evicted from their homes if they can't pay the utilities ( which has already started by the way) and many people specially elderly will freeze to death due to the un payed gas bills . We all know the more deeper we enter the colder weather as we turn on the news in the morning we will have to watch every day more and more sad stories because the citizens will go bankrupt. So many business has been and will be closed simply because they are no longer able to pay the utilities. Many years of hard work will end in sorrow and I wouldn't be surprised if we experience some suicides as well before the year is up! These are fasts! I know people who has all ready received gas bill which went up to ( 8 times ) the amount of 3 months paycheck for what  average people make at their job's. That is not possible to pay. How can a gas bill cost 3 months of your paycheck tell me that for crying out loud!!!
Too many issue fall on us and don't even mention the migrant problem but that is an other topic!
I been home for little over two years yet in relatively such a short time frame I clearly see the changes here. They are not better they way more worry worthy then I ever imagined! I knew coming home will change the finances but I never in my wildest dreams ever thought that basic life such as able to put the heater on during winter time will be luxury. It should be human rights and there is no excuse for a country to put anyone under this stress. I can't believe and I am beyond sad to see what happened to Hungary. Growing
up we never had to even think about shutting of heater because we can't pay a bill. We never had to think twice about not able to buy groceries. Just an example. One single egg was about 35-40 Hungarian FT just two years ago. Now it's about 130 FT. How in the world can one egg cost go up 3-4 times! And this is just one example. All the meat, veggies, fruit, toilet paper you name it, everything is 3-4 times more then just last year. This all can't be true it must end because it will be catastrophic. More and more people really thousand of people going out downtown Budapest to protest against the government. No change nothing! The news say one thing yet life shows an other reality. It's a such a complex issue there is almost countless area where the country is bleeding out and no one knows how to fix it only the ones who could but they are too busy building their own wealth. Brussel doesn't want to give money to Hungary because they know as soon as they give that money it will disappear and won't be spent on the things that it was meant for. I am not into politics once again but it's so clearly seen that people are desperate and lost. Panic and gossip going around and everyone talking about the government everywhere out in public. On the bus, at the market in stores everywhere I go I hear people loosing their mind and all they talk about is how scared their are. These are facts! Too complicated too huge of created depth in the country and only God knows what will happen but hopes are slowly disappearing and by December it will be something un reversible if some miracle doesn't happen in this ruined but still lovey and most beautiful county.
I honestly can say that there isn't enough paper to write a long list of the ongoing very serious problems here and this few thoughts just the little sneak-peek of this shameful treatment that the sweet people experiencing in Hungary!
Where is God there is a way! How long people will take this abuse only God knows but with all honestly I am scared too and I am beyond disappointed in life right now! Why can't we all get a long and instead of screwing our own people why can't they help and lift up everyone?! How anyone can wish to have peace on the world where the head of the house who supposed to protect us eats up everyone alive!!!  Ridiculous and at the same time shameful!
Anyway! Everyday simple people will never understand the power of greed because the less you have the more you want to give. The ones who has everything they want more they want it all. Well guess what? No one will take anything to the grave only their dignity and everyone is responsible for their own actions at the
end but I guess whatever.
Benefits of Hungarian residents or bankruptcy?
Well let's just take a look at the "promising" real estate opportunities in Budapest and all over Hungary.
The Hungarian residency program is the most "promising" growing market. It is DA-RISK-FREE investment!
Hungary is one of the oldest country in Europe with deep and world famous culture, luxury of lifestyle. Famous for it's thermal springs, river cruises on the Danube, for the world wide loved wine regions and many many more unbelievably gorgeous places and national treasures! In downtown Budapest the historical buildings are built with such a class and such an architectural jewels that are not be able to even copied with the new ages and modern style anymore!
These buildings these downtown apartments and many many homes are absolutely and beyond gorgeous but simply NOT affordable for a family and specially not for a single house hold person! Ever!
An average person makes with an average job about 180,000-250,000 Forint per month which is about $480, but of course this is changing almost by day how the currency is going up and down. A single bedroom home for rent is in Budapest goes for about 250,000-400,000 Forint per month which is close to 1000 US $, depends on the size of a place ( less or more but more likely more ). Now this is the problem. You are working and your monthly income doesn't even cover your rent and we all know there is much more bills we must pay order to exist! beside rent.
We mentioned these numbers to rent an apartment because we will never be able to buy a home unless our parents leaves us a significant amount of wealth. It's most likely a NO factor but it's alright.
Let's go back to real estate and think outside of the box...and there the real serious problems begin.
To purchase a simple nice little one or two bedroom condo  in the heart of Budapest cost just as much if not more then to buy a single family house on the outskirts of districts or in any other small cities little further from the capital. We are talking about 80,000,000 Forint which is about 210,000 US $. Obviously no one has this kind of money sitting on the bank account with bills mentioned earlier so there comes the catch!
You are welcome to apply for credit line  and make a payment option to purchase your dream home...BUT...and here comes the deadly mistake!
While in the U.S.A you attempt to do a down payment and make monthly payment on your mortgage, in Hungary is the biggest "cheat" for banks. You are starting off just like in the U.S.A...big homes yayyyy making your little payments that are living you zero room for anything else in life to enjoy!!! And the day hits you! Loosing your job, something happens when you are simply not able to make your payments any longer...
In the U.S I have cornered myself to this issue, so trust me I know!
I got a loan and "purchased" a home in Nashville Tennessee! Life happened and I was not able to maintain my mortgage after 3 years into it, because the market collapsed so I was faced with pretty much loosing my place. I so tried everything to keep it, even tried for months the sort sale option but I failed and therefore I lost the condo that I called my home once. I left Hungary when I was 23 years old and since my parents divorced I was running around like a street dog, trying to be in one safe place and I failed. Now so much of the personal story I only mentioned it because it's tights up with this story line!
I lost the condo which pretty much ruined my credit! The credit that I protected and built for over 10 years! Almost 8 score credit of mine went down for 6, or even under it just because having 4 jobs didn't make my financial needs. It took me an other 7 years to built my credit score back to right where it was after my foreclosure but at least I didn't owe a dime for the bank any longer!
Ok let's turn the page back to Hungary since we are touching issues about this lovely country of mine.
Purchasing a home is staring off with the same bank transactions such as loan, monthly payment etc....however!!!!
Once you are living life, making your monthly mortgage then life happens and suddenly you are not able to pay any longer. Then!!!! The bank takes your home back and what's disturbing is...!!!
Rather then ONLY loosing your place and must move out from your called home...is not even NOT yours anymore, but you have to STILL pay off your loan
If this is not the biggest fraud on earth then I am not sure what it is LOL.
So yes real estate is a great opportunity in Hungary if someone can pay a home up front by cash or have enough money on the saving account that will promise you to do your monthly dues for sure! Other then that it's suicidal to get a loan because sadly even if you can pay the banks eventually change the bank interest to the point where you are also will set for failing! It's been many stories that are supports these facts and makes our generation at disappointments!
In the other hands yes...real estate are great deals in Hungary if someone  from an other country is investing some money to purchase a condo or house here. Rather to get a cute spot for a vacation home or get one for renting it out and just invest some money because why not! After all Hungary and specially Budapest is one the greatest spot in Europe just not for an average young adult at least not in a financial way!
Seem like is no way out but of course there is so many people who are set in financial ways and able to get their dream home. Not everyone is in the ditch and many residents are enjoying the real estate options and choices! I wouldn't say in % because there is an other story that would link into a political subject ;)
Money talks and life sometimes up to between choosing left or ride hand!
Real talk!!!
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Chine has spreading wings pretty much globally in many kind of business and if that wasn't enough to build their empire now they are investing 7.8 billion to build a 100 GWh battery plant near by Debrecen city in Hungary.
The factory, which would be the biggest of it's kind in Europe, is the fruit of a yearlong diplomatic and economic tilt by Mr. Orban Viktor. This factory would be a promise to Hungary for some highly profitable green transition, with electric cars leading the way and creat over 9000 jobs but some said it will not be offered for Hungarian citizens because in the area unemployments are nonexistent. The nearby farmlands has all ready targeted and bulldozers and dump trucks are started to prepare the way for this enormous Chinese plant with out letting residents know around this areas ahead of time.
The batteries are Lithium-ion batteries which are used widely in portable electronics, electric vehicles and grid storages due to their high energy density and long cycle life. Now days millions of people prefer to purchase electric vehicles because they cause less damage for our environment, however we do have an issue that will turn this positive data into a real catastrophe because such plants these factories requiring and using hazardous materials not mention how damaging is the process of mining and processing of lithium, cobalt and these hazardous materials used to make batteries.
Around Debrecen the lands are part of the Hajdúság loess and are among the best quality farmland in Hungary. These farms has the greatest natural assets and extremely fertile soil over 220 hectares ( the size of 400 football fields), that would be cleared for the sake of this investment. Agriculture here provides the food supply for the entire population of Hungary and much amount of exports too. Building this battery factory simply one of the biggest danger in history in long term for Hungary because it will destroy these lands and will put an end to many business and brings terrible disturbances around to locals. Residents are not only worry about loosing the agricultural lands which ends too many people jobs who works in the industry, they are also concerned that the increased traffic associated with the factory may disturb the peace and safety of everyone living in the area. The construction process and the factory itself once is done would also worsen the air quality which can be creating serious health issues. An other tremendous amount of danger is, a factory that functioning a planned battery factory is requiring significant water needs. We are talking about 60,000 cubic meters per day which number is alone greater than the water consumption of the entire city. There isn't any major river around this city so the water supply extraction may cause surface drying. With the ongoing climate and ecological crises all ready would creat a catastrophe, it would increase dramatically the droughts. If the government and decision makers not taking this problems seriously, then by 2070 two-thirds of Hungary will turn into a dry steppe and locals will not be able to produce food for them self at all. The deeper water layers should be used for emergencies not for using it to provide water for the battery factory!!!!!
An other issue is the high energy consumption which is also an ongoing problem as it is in Hungary. The factory energy activity is too high it can reach the total annual demand to 15-16 TWh, which correspond in magnitude to the production of the Paks nuclear power plant. This energy usage wasn't taken into the plan of building this factory, therefore it is not even clear how the Hungarian government would solve and provide this amount of energy supply.  It will increase the country's carbon-dioxide emission and frankly will creat more serious problems than anyone can ever imagine.
During this multi-step process people are protesting in near by cities, chaos and fistfights has broke out, and everyone is angry and been shouting out to government: " TRAITORS". Money is more important than residents heath and even Hungary's natural sources.
Chine clearly doesn't care about climate change and now Hungarian government neither.
Political views and environmental activists are bumping head to head and see a very different side of this issue.
The locals are right to feel angry because what ever they say finds blind eyes. No one seem to care since it is the largest investment here and even though electric cars are a big improvement yet making batteries for them is a risk for many elevated issues.
Money talks and honestly people's life don't matter anymore

Now days so much going on this planet, therefore so much to talk about so many topics to touch based on.
Natural catastrophes, global warming and different species spreading to other continents that are turning the ecosystems upside down.
One specific issue is the honey business.
In Hungary but really all over Europe we came across with one huge problem an invasion of Asian Hornets. These invasive species have the ability to spread through and ruin by infecting ecosystems and clear out regular honey bees. These huge Asian wasps not only have a nasty sting that some people can be deadly allergic too, their stings can cause an anaphylactic reaction and cause serious health emergencies. With the global weather changes the warmer climate is likely increase the threat of a greater invasion which will wipe out the honey bee population in Europe in the near future.
The Asian honey bee is a natural host for varroa mites, they are carriers of bee diseases and pests while regular honey bees are important for pollination and honey production. The raw honey is to retain all of it's natural nutritions value and many health benefits.
These Asian bees are havering around European honey bee nests and one single queen can destroy a whole honey bee colony just in few hours.
The illegal honey business took over in the U.S as well. A third or more of all the honey is smuggled in from China and may be tainted with illegal antibiotics and heavy metals. The food and Safety News investigation has documented that million of pounds of honey banned as unsafe in so many countries. Natural honey should be a medicine and honey bees are responsible for so many food and food products pollination that are used for countless products we eat on the daily bases.
The sad part is in the honey business now is not only the every year declined honey food products it's wiping out a natural source of medicine which is made of out raw honey. With the global warming effects and the Asian honey bees that are killing regular productive honey bees and spreading mites, now Chine is creating honey that are artificial that are filled with "poison". All of these components has a huge effect on making honey and this is just one topic that are a real danger for our society.
When the bees should be resting around October they are very active and collecting pollens since the weather is not getting colder. These little flying miracles are confused with the weather changes, the nests are infected by Asian honey bees and diseases therefor bee keepers in Hungary are at the point where they want to shut down their business because the certified honey production and the quality of honey rapidly decreasing. Hungarian Acacia honey is a national treasure, it's organic and GMO-free, it's honored year after year at international competition for word's best tasting honey and it would be just wonderful if the bee keepers could keep their business making this delicious sweet natural heavenly product.
Global warming and humans careless behavior will destroy more things each day and add to natural catastrophes more often in the future and really today as we speak.
How things can be fixed when the problems are so layered, so complex and they are almost irreversible. There is hope in the next generation and maybe one day soon we all wake up and step by step, one day after the next starting by little changes in our every day routines making a difference by simply caring for things and caring for each other. Would be nice if while we travel to different countries we all check our suitcases, belongings not to bring any species that aren't belong to the climate of our homes and not matching with our living organisms. Be more mindful, careful with one an other and be respectful to life itself. Nice wish but possible 🙏

Have technology destroyed a new generation?

Well must say this!
Me working in a restaurant for 16 years has left me amazed by what I've seen! I shall say about 25 years ago when I first noticed that people would go out to eat and instead of talking with each other, couples has spent the time being there pushing the mobil phones buttons and who knows who they were talking too, while the person across was doing the exact same thing. Or! The person across was just sitting there being confused why Am I even here when I am not being noticed! Mobil phones has speed up communication and gave tremendous amount of fast research opportunities, helping with organizations, helping in emergencies, and yes it's a great thing but it also ruined the human interactions and effected relationships. The average person is spending approximately 7 hours on their phone per day! Out of 7 hours how much time is spent with education and how much on playing useless games and just using silly Apps. A study found that smartphones can have so many negative impacts on our social and emotional skills. Basically the more time you spend interacting online the less time you spend interacting in person. It can actually become an addiction and can even create depression.
Once you get a smartphone you will cling to it and use it for about anything throughout the day.
It's like a personal assistant, your phone can be your right hand. Now this is not bad if you are using it for work and use it for your benefit. Cell phones are the mini version of a robot since they are think for you by simply talking into Siri, typing in words and there you have an answer for a question, gives you direction while traveling or perhaps translate languages for you or between two people. Literally gives you a complete communication with out your skills of speaking different languages like a walking dictionary. Many many things is been solved and taking care of simply by going online. Then here comes AL.
Artificial intelligence affects our lives more and more and if you thought mobil phones has killed real human interactions wait till AL break into our society as a normal every day living. With computers and having mobil phones many people has all ready lost their jobs because now they can work from home and one person can quickly do two-three people's jobs faster. This is a very complex new industry, business that will have so many benefits and also will ruin generations in such a ways even more.
In Hungary we have an actress who has just lost her husband and she received a phone call of course on a mobil phone, once again a quick way to reach someone and she been offered a job opportunity using the beloved spouse voice. They told her the film industry wants to use her deceased husband voice with AL for a child story next part. She not only refused this request she was in complete shock because she said it would be too painful for her and specially for her daughter to hear daddies voice like he was still alive. It was a big no from her regardless this opportunity would give them financial security for some time. Here comes the question. Money and technology or real people with real connections.
This very same project in the U.S was a different welcoming idea for a few actor. With no names but yes there is some people in the film industry who currently still working yet all ready gave permission to use their voice after they die so it will give continuously an income for the family.
I think modern life and technology is wonderful because in disasters they send robot dogs to find people under collapsed buildings. Drones can fly into places to look for survivors and computers-phones can save many lives in many ways, but where is the fine line between making life easier and safer and loosing all human interactions. With artificial intelligence and robots of all kind, can and will people find relationships or they will truly loose any urge to be around real humans. With AL there will be time where humans won't be needed to fill specific jobs because artificial intelligence will do it just fine, not mention even people who is gone already will "work" and taking job opportunities from the ones are still alive. Our generations may not see the danger what this almost futuristic creations capable of doing and how their become slowly alive but I can imagine this planet one day will be like a real sci-fi film yet it will be the scary reality. For some people it will be the greatest thing ever but if this new intelligent for some reason ever happen to collapse, it will create more disasters as anyone could ever imagine. After all these products are not humans and not able to creat reasonable thinking on their own. They are machines, they are being programed. Who knows and we shall see, but it will be interesting to see how this all turns out the next 30-50 years! It's an amazing new invention of man kind no doubt!
Subject: Water quality

Is it a movie in Hungary or a real story just like the story that was very much a true case in the U.S about a lawsuit against Pacific Gas & Electric Company involving groundwater contamination in Hinkley, California.
Everyone knows this Oscar-winning film that was based on reality where Erin Brockovich (Julia Roberts) and Albert Finney as (Masry) has worked on personal injury claims for asbestos exposer in the water in people's homes. The residents at the end received some settlement and all the victims got some money. Of course the amounts of U.S dollar they received wasn't nearly enough for the damage they suffered individually and together as families, but at least justice was served if you will, after all the lies and hidden issues been kept from everyone in the town.
Now in our homes any water that is provided for cooking, washing, drinking, shower etc., comes from pipes that was laid down many many years ago in certain towns. It can be contaminated with any kind of items, germs if the pipes are not cleaned well and properly, or not been cleaned at all as they are required. The quality of water must be taken in consideration because the lack of clean and safe water can cause serious illnesses in short or long term usage.
In Hungary currently we have some cities, villages where the drinking water and of course water in general in residents home are not only not clean, they are not even passing the healthy required levels!!!
In the town called Berettyóújfalu the water is not simply disgusting yellow color it's literally the color of Coca-Cola. Residents has been taking photos and videos of the water that's running in their homes and sending these fatigues to the health department but nothing has been done!!! In the water on the photos and videos you can see clearly fecal, worms, larva, and things that you can't even see such as E Coli and other harmful things as waste that contain many types of disease and creat very serious illnesses. In the town Hinkley asbestos was the main issue but in Hungary in this little town it's much different yet also can be deadly and damaging if it's not fixed. The answer to these residents are here:
Sorry the water pipes are currently under cleaning that causing the problem that's why it's looks a bit blurry. The National Water Service said there is no worries the water quality is totally normal!! It's only a little problem with the color due to the current cleaning which stirring the water up but they are non stop checking the water quality and it's good. Basically for them the running water might not look too appetizing but it's ok to drink it and it's totally ok to use it for shower, cooking, cleaning really in all purposes.
The pipe cleaning been going on for over 6 months so residents forced to go to the main square to collect drinking water from portable water tanks. How much clean water a single house hold needs for one day if we take this into consideration and think only for the basic need of water:
Shower at least once a day per person
Cooking and after cleaning up, washing everything
( Toilet usage but of course they can say you don't even need clean water to flush)
Drinking 2 Liter per day per one person
Can you bring home in plastic containers  this much water every day?
No you can't it's not even manageable are you kidding us?
The National Water Service and also the Health Department "washing their hands" if we can say that (of course not in the contaminated water filled with worms and other things) and passing messages and photos aside saying all the people just needs to be patience, the issue has been under control and is under the fixing status. Now RTL news channel has also addressed this issue and it has become a topic on National news channels. Will this problem will be ever fixed? Will people ever be able to have clean and drinkable running water at home or they will get sick? Who wants to go every day to fill up plastic containers to bring home 30-40 Liter (or more for a 4-5 number of family) water so they can take care of every day life basic needs?
This is not an issue that should be swept under the carpet! It should be human right to be take care of within days!!!
There won't be any lawsuit here like in the film of Erin Brockovich, this is not the United States of America. People won't win against these companies nor against any public service, instead all residents will just suffer on the long run. Companies knows that no one can take any legal step or say anything against them so they are not fixing this issue in a timely manner instead they are ignoring all the water and health policies and basic living conditions!
Very sad to see that Hungary is not a country that these kind of issues could be even considered,  yet it's an un going condition and frankly the residents knows that they might not even get clean water any time soon!
I can't imagine going through this because we sure take life to granted and only when something real big and real serious happens such as an earthquake or fire or a flood when we meet with "chatastrophies" like this. No one would even consider that such an issue can affect our days specially not for months or years. When we have a simple electric outage only for few minutes we immediately freak out and it's disturbs our day so we all can imagine how to deal with an ongoing water issues like this at our homes! I don't want to ever know or feel such a discomfort and as "spoiled" we are, we all would be lifting up our phones and complain and do what ever it takes to get our drinking water back on!
I feel bad for these families truly because I feel if we can't count on our government and on the companies that provides us the needs for our life then who can we turn to!?!?
These days it's almost a simple sentence that can reflect life itself:
I am happy to be even alive!
Since much going on everywhere such as wars, hatred, floods, etc therefor every single day and blessing counts, and there is always people near us who got it even worse as we do so just appreciate even a cold glass of water that comes out of your faucet my dears! Just imagine if you don't have that how precious one single drop of H2O would become instantly 💧
PEACE be with you