Dangerous thinking 
Here we go again an other topics that could and should put Hungary in shame!
Healthcare! I have graduated as a register nurse long long time ago! Back then things were not as bad as now! I've seen bedside issues and disrespecting patients but it was a one case or an other random act.  Doctors and nurses must received cash gift which was not hide under the table for an exchange for better personal care. Yes! It was a must given! If you wanted to make sure when the doctor operates on you will be a total success you slide some money! If you wish to have a better bedside care you sneak cash into the nurses uniform's pocket. Just a personal example! My dad gone through a hernia surgery! After rolling him out of the operating room he was so cold! His wife asked the nurse if they could give him an extra blanket, when the nurse sad...no sorry we have no extra blankets available. His wife literally slide cash into the same nurse pocket and about 1 min and half the thicker blanket was on my daddy. Now do we see any issues with this!???
Hungary is socialized and should be free to citizens and residents who pay into social system monthly.
Now it's one thing that people who has no or very little money will not be treated as humans in hospitals but top of that....the healthcare system has declined over the past twenty years. I was gone for 23 years so I personally have not noticed these issues simply because my health care provider and insurance was in the U.S but since I am back home, I see horrible changes, terrifying signs and disrespect in doctor visits. Not even talking about hospitals where the facilities are suffering from failures of a system leftover from the social days. There isn't any medical supplies, no sterile equipments, no gloves, no nothing. I saw once a doctor washing his medical gloves on his hands between patient instead of putting on a new one. Yayyyyyyks!!! I said something and the answer was simply we don't have enough gloves! Oh ok got it
🥵. If someone going in a medical building to the bathroom, there isn't toilet paper put out or I have seen it was literally chained to the wall so it can not be stolen. Also the toilet brush. No hand soap. I went to draw blood for my annual health check and they told me that I should hold on my gauze tight for 10 minutes due to lack of tape 🤨. Going on doctor visits and conditions of these buildings are is simply mind blowing 🤯 Very sad! I've gone to an orthopedic doctor and next door an other doctor came out and spoke to a late arrived person like dirt! All people who was sitting outside... we just looked at each other with fear in our eyes and was so beyond shocked that couldn't even defend that women because we were afraid we will be next to be told off! I heard it with my own ears and my mouth has dropped down and was ashamed of being hungarian for a moment! We don't need a war here to be cleared by other nations. Just let some Hungarians together with power or money and they will make us go very quickly by miss diagnosis or poor conditions or treat us like less then humans. Why do we think that it will be ever piece on earth when people are unkind to one an other and the goverment don't even protects his own people by giving proper medical care! I swear to God I heard once that was apparently announced on the news many years ago, that one hospital run out of operating line to sew a cut and they used fishing line! I sure believed this because I heard other horror stories too. You would think this incidents could happen only in very very poor countries but no! Here is happening too more and more often. My bestie's dad has turned 90. He had a operation on his head which split and he took himself to the IR while blood was going down from the top of his head all over his face. They make him wait 6 hours and at 11 PM they told him to leave after they treated his wound. Didn't call a cab for him or didn't try to reach his family so someone can come and get him...just let him walk out late night alone and once again we are talking about a 90 years old man. No one cares about anyone anymore. Frankly. If someone has no money or you don't know a "BIG" shoot person...you mind as well just die because they would kick you on the curb side before they would through you a bone. Unbelievable how things has changed here. Now these issues are a direct effect to budget deficits in the country? Or humans gotten worse? It's both. The government closed hospitals and clinics throughout the county and these like a domino effect causing many problems. It put more pressure to a system that was allready overburdened. Nurses and doctors are doing unpaid overtimes. They are just humans too but when when you work 12-14 hours and you don't get paid you become a monster day by day over the years. I see and understand that attitude that overworked tired arrogance behavior, yet if it's your loved one or perhaps you are the one at the doctor's office and you are the victim of these verbal abuse or miss care it's not something that you want to accept. Sad! Very sad what's been happening here. I have so many stories, real ones not fiction ones,  just in the 3 short years since I am back home. If I have experienced on my own skin things I can only imagine how many others has suffered from the failed healthcare and many paid with their own life! Yes it's a raw true!
Just one more personal story which I only told my best friend because I was ashamed of this but I kinda wanna share to show how people are treated here!  I went to my annual Pap Smear last year first since I moved back home. In the U.S normally or actually all my doctors were females. Here in Hungary the gynecologists are normally male unless you are going to private office. Anyhow. You are laying on your back and you can imagine you are in the most vulnerable position you can be in front of someone you never met in your life! You supposedly trust a doctor! Well. This guy walks up to me doesn't say one word while I am waiting...I am thinking in my head he will now explain what he will do. Instead walks up to me and with one quick move stab something in me and once again with out even talking to me just like he comes back from his lunch break and for example he is turning on his computer button or something in a routine hand move...so he is stabbing some equipments in me and when he saw me kind of jumping in shock...he just said...what's your problem? You never had a Pap Smear before? Stop moving you so I can do this routine check on you! I never felt so humiliated and less of a human but I got up dressed up and saying nothing walked out while he told me I can see my results online in 3 weeks. You can imagine I never ever go anywhere near of his office again. It was a medical facility in my district paid by the government. But I have crazy story in other doctor visits too when I tried to see make sure I don't have any melanoma. Just tried to go get annual routine check ups and I have to say this. Unless you are not in any serious illness do not go to see any doctors here because it's the most pleasant trip in your life. Don't mention you are waiting for these appointments 3-4 months, that's how backed up the system is
🤦🏻‍♀️ Then you go and wish you didn't 🙍🏻‍♀️ That's Hungarian healthcare for ya 🤷🏻‍♀️