Some thoughts of the current hopeless situation in Hungary. These informations are based on the sad truth and from the news. The question is!!!! Is the news correct? Maybe or maybe not. Depends on which channel we watch right?
Left or right hand?! Who belongs to which political group.
I never been into politics simply because I felt no matter what people want, I mean every day simple little people, because always happens what the BIG people say. I think if the government and the man or women who directly works for them wants to be well off it's ok as long as they let the every day little people breath too. This seem like that is not the case any longer in Hungary. People are scared. Scared of many many things. The monthly pay isn't enough in the first place and now food, gas, electric bill, EVERYTHING is rising to the point where it will be impossible to pay. I see people including myself in the grocery stores looking at items and when the price is clearly noticed on the packages the items are placed back on the shelfs! Some people are screaming out of anger, some gently react with tears in their eyes. Whispering softly I can't buy this!  People will not be able to pay the heater during this winter since gas price went up 7-8 times compare to the last year bill. Electric bills have also doubled up which was also at where people was paying last year. Crazy times we are experiencing and it was blamed on the war which been going on between Russia and Ukrainian. It's just funny that other European counties gas prices is lowered and the government will help everyone in December to pay the gas bill. The war is a global issue if not effects whole Europe yet only our county is under this impossible situation. Here no one will get help, instead many people will get evicted from their homes if they can't pay the utilities ( which has already started by the way) and many people specially elderly will freeze to death due to the un payed gas bills . We all know the more deeper we enter the colder weather as we turn on the news in the morning we will have to watch every day more and more sad stories because the citizens will go bankrupt. So many business has been and will be closed simply because they are no longer able to pay the utilities. Many years of hard work will end in sorrow and I wouldn't be surprised if we experience some suicides as well before the year is up! These are fasts! I know people who has all ready received gas bill which went up to ( 8 times ) the amount of 3 months paycheck for what  average people make at their job's. That is not possible to pay. How can a gas bill cost 3 months of your paycheck tell me that for crying out loud!!!
Too many issue fall on us and don't even men
tion the migrant problem but that is an other topic!
I been home for little over two years yet in relatively such a short time frame I clearly see the changes here. They are not better they way more worry worthy then I ever imagined! I knew coming home will change the finances but I never in my wildest dreams ever thought that basic life such as able to put the heater on during winter time will be luxury. It should be human rights and there is no excuse for a country to put anyone under this stress. I can't believe and I am beyond sad to see what happened to Hungary. Growing up we never had to even think about shutting of heater because we can't pay a bill. We never had to think twice about not able to buy groceries. Just an example. One single egg was about 35-40 Hungarian FT just two years ago. Now it's about 130 FT. How in the world can one egg cost go up 3-4 times! And this is just one example. All the meat, veggies, fruit, toilet paper you name it, everything is 3-4 times more then just last year. This all can't be true it must end because it will be catastrophic. More and more people really thousand of people going out downtown Budapest to protest against the government. No change nothing! The news say one thing yet life shows an other reality. It's a such a complex issue there is almost countless area where the country is bleeding out and no one knows how to fix it only the ones who could but they are too busy building their own wealth. Brussel doesn't want to give money to Hungary because they know as soon as they give that money it will disappear and won't be spent on the things that it was meant for. I am not into politics once again but it's so clearly seen that people are desperate and lost. Panic and gossip going around and everyone talking about the government everywhere out in public. On the bus, at the market in stores everywhere I go I hear people loosing their mind and all they talk about is how scared their are. These are facts! Too complicated too huge of created depth in the country and only God knows what will happen but hopes are slowly disappearing and by December it will be something un reversible if some miracle doesn't happen in this ruined but still lovey and most beautiful county.
I honestly can say that there isn't enough paper to write a long list of the ongoing very serious problems here and this few thoughts just the
little sneak-peek of this shameful treatment that the sweet people experiencing in Hungary!
Where is God there is a way! How long people will take this abuse only God knows but with all honestly I am scared too and I am beyond disappointed in life right now! Why can't we all get a long and instead of screwing our own people why can't they help and lift up everyone?! How anyone can wish to have peace on the world where the head of the house who supposed to protect us eats up everyone alive!!!  Ridiculous and at the same time shameful!
Anyway! Everyday simple people will never understand the power of greed because the less you have the more you want to give. The ones who has everything they want more they want it all. Well guess what? No one will take anything to the grave only their dignity and everyone is responsible for their own actions at the end but I guess whatever!
Last year was the most interesting nerve-racking time for decades. After Covid hit everyone we all thought it can't get worse! Well it sure did! I been studying and digging into some topics mainly in Hungary but of course that's not really possible since in Europe so many things are tide together as a whole. Let's see some things that has changed dramatically and ruined so many people every day life radically!
Gas prices for cars are the highest in Hungary. In Slovenia they pay 1/3 less then here and that is still too much compare to average pay in many jobs!
Winter time is here since we have 4 seasons and we can't enjoy the forever summer blessings in the weather. People including myself can't offered to put the heater on because the government raised prices 7 times more as the normal bill amount.  In small villages and very poor towns just recently got huge penalties per households due to burning unqualified woods that are poisoning the air and ruining the quality of air around homes. Many families are chopping off their furnitures to able to heat the house. Isn't that the most sad thing ever? Some elderly people must choose between basic food or heat the home! The last many decades really since  the II. World war no one had to leave under such a primitive conditions. We are talking about heating our homes and eat not luxury lifestyle.
Apparently the government blaming every changes to the current Ukrainian war but that is a bull!
Knowing some Hungarian  people who living in Germany or Italy has told me just around the holidays that they do not have any problem paying utilities nor ever have to worry about filling up the fridge and filling up the gas tank of the car. Yes prices are very high as well but in ration and compare the cost of things and what they make in EURO at work it's still a comfortable situation for them.
In that case why in this country everyone is starting to get in a panic mode and see no future whatsoever!!! I know very well that Hungarian people are very negative and always cry about everything as a nation but this time is different. Is not the empty wining and passed down by generations of yapping anymore, instead now too many people are truly scared for a very valid reason. Crime has gone up! People has been getting rubbed on the streets and stores are having more shoplifters too!
The war between Russia and Ukrainian has been ongoing and doesn't seem to stop! Are we one step away to the III. World War?
Don't mention the illegal immigrant issue on the borders that is one of the main and most disturbing issue of Europe beside the financial collapse that has been effecting and making life just so hopeless.
It's crazy that I hear from so many people that less and less of them wants to watch the news because not one positive thing has been announced anymore! Filed with lies and unfulfilled empty promises. It's almost seem like that people are turning into they own sad realty and depression has havering all around the county.
No one knows what is next what will happen because the promises are coming yet nothing changes! What  would help the every day people life's? The answer are simple and clear but it won't happen until something goes too far and too wrong! Many jobs and professions are protesting on the streets but also! No changes instead the employees are getting fired one by one from their jobs because they opened up their mouth and told the truth. Every day basic needs not extra fun they are asking for once again but they voices are been punished.
I honestly hate to talk about current issues because the list could go on and on and I just want to see people to be happy and want to see faces that are smiling on the street instead of complaining all the time. It's just hard to be all happy and bubbly when things are hard and only a such a small layer of the population are able to enjoy the life in this country! In a country that is otherwise filled with beauty and rich in history! It's ruined for a long time and some major turn over must happen to get it back to somewhat normal since the country is in the most huge depth out of any other around us! What a SHAME and what an embarrassment this is!!!! The biggest BETRAYAL in the Hungarian history no doubt!

JANUARY 4, 2023

Let's see some further issues that has become an every day challenge to many people in Hungary!

Some teachers brings home 202.000 FT/ month This amount is for people who has multiple diplomas which is pretty much equaled with many other professions.
If we see the basic cost of life per months then we can see that is not possible to pay the bills with this paycheck! Average rent for a one bedroom place is 160-180.000 Forint. The utilities around 60.000-80.000 Forint/ month during winter. This doesn't include any other things that are must be paid by the end of the month, therefore the monthly pay is not even covering the two basic bills that is needed for anybody! 

Net income by law in 2023 is 232.000 Forint which is after everything has minuses out for tax reasons!

( Orban Viktor brutto pay is 4.870.000 Forint per month! Well with this kind of money you can leave happily ever after right?)

Well let's forget about this amount because obviously this is not something little every day people will ever dream of, so let's stick on facts that effecting this financial disaster!

Personal income tax rate is levied at a flat rate of 15% which is the highest in European Union!

Gasoline prices in Hungary decreased to 1.69/ Liter USD and December 1.75/ Liter USD.
If we calculate this by gallon we get a number that is not even payable in the U.S currently yet average minimum wage is not about $500 USD like here. Apparently if we convert U.S dollar to Hungarian FT that will change but today is
1.00 US Dollar = 364.69 Hungarian Forint.

Under KATA many business has forced to close their business because the tax has been making the companies to loose either they clients or eligibility!
If that is the case then one-person companies, some partnerships, smaller family business, lawyers offices etc., has pretty much can close the doors. How will anyone be able to start a business if simply the government make the business growth  impossible.
You can not do anything illegal or getting paid "under the table" here because if the government catches you..well you just don't want to do that!
So the question is! What is the great opportunity to make money so you can survive in this country? If you go to work the "normal" 9-5 then the  mentioned pay check won't do any good so you must figure out something that will be legal and you will have enough money for all your expenses and still have some left over for emergency savings!
I am here for over 2 years now and my mouth is dropped by these facts. What I see is way worse then what I was thinking would be if I move back home because at least in the U.S you could leave on your own if you have 2 jobs. Here even if you work after hours you still can't budget your financials to the point where you lived good!
This still won't give the answers what to do what to work!!!!
Maybe a business that you do between Hungary and an other county?
Maybe move to an other county in the European Union where the minimum wages are much higher? What to do?
Now I do understand why so many young adults has decided to move to close by countries because it's a better quality of life but then you run into the same problem that I run into being in the US. You kind of loose your family because you can't see them that often!
I will figure this issue out like everyone does but one thing is for sure! The war between Russia and Ukrainian isn't marking this matter any more easy since it's started the largest refugee crises since
World War II. Other migrant issues has also adding to the problems and don't mention the conflicts between Brussel and some countries that are fighting and doesn't seem to find the middle way to financial answers to agree on!
This is a time that everyone is figuring out and trying to understand and see what to do because we all just want to leave a peaceful life!

JANUARY 19, 2023
JANUARY 31, 2023
JUNE 20, 2023
Well hello again!

Today and generally could say now days a lot of things has become the top news I shall say the topic of every day news such as the ongoing war between Russia and Ukrainian. Many political view, opinions and hatred has flamed up even more then ever because everyone is worried about the III. World War possible break out.
Well everybody knows George Soros! He was born in Budapest to a non-observant Jewish family. He went to school in the United Kingdom and earned many different  degrees and started his life. Banking, business and of course he got involved in political causes as well. Now leaving the U.S and his ways projecting a money centered some say evil rooted work. His carrier and how people feeling about him has been spilt, of course because his ways and his dues has turned many people world upside down through out the years. In Hungary now he has been on the news on the daily bases since he gave his son Alex Soros his $25 billion empire and Alex is now in charge of everything. George Soros has been supporting political acts that has made him called a dangerous " puppet master". His son is all ready the same thinker as his dad and Alex made a comment like " where is war there is money". If young people like him sees death, sorrow and suffering as an opportunity to make money, then the question is this. How we have piece again when so many of the new generation is rather focusing on wealth then life itself at any cost. The life that is bringing everyone together as a nation and trying to figure out the way to fix this broken world and creat a place where love is havering all over the planet. George Soros work is a long journey and of course some short article wouldn't hold all the things nor it could be pressed in a few line but everyone knows this. A big portion of his wealth was poured into and founded political causes which now will be carried on by his son. The war between Russia and Ukrainian will prolong as we have people who supports it with money, weapons and feed the fire with their power. Europe has been split as well because some countries has been helping some completely against any involvements and say that the only way to stop this war is an immediate stop of the shootings. Well...Curious to see how this chapter our life will continue and what will be the outcome. Will this time while we are waiting will be over soon, or it will be carried out for many more years and causes more innocent soul's death. We all want to see what the Soros family will do this time to contribute to this all ready frighting situation.
They are of course just a small part of the involvement of this war but as they say...Many small things together will become a real monster and that won't be serving neither our God nor piece in our lifetime.
We shall see how things turn out, until then we will pay for the prices because all this mass effecting the economy and ruining so many life's directly. In the mean time we are so blessed because we have a roof above us, we have food on the table and we are alive and that itself is a blessing.

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Just when you think it can't get any worse then the never ending war in the neighbor country which automatically draws in million of people who has lost everything from the East, now a new migrant problems about to hit Hungary from the South!
Brussel has not paid the promised money to Hungary yet they gave a new proposal that would require Hungary to access 28.3% of all refugee applications from the migrants who is arriving in the EU! It's an absolute insane and crazy thing that would destroy this small county! I am sorry but if I remember well as I personally entered the U.S a country that wasn't mine....I put myself through college! I payed taxes! I worked 3-4 jobs at the same time with no weekends off! I learned english which really wasn't mandatory but sure needed to survive being there! I adopted to the culture as much possible! I kept mine but I never forced my believes and religion on any U.S citizens! I wanted to fit in to be loved and to be accepted! I never hurt anyone, never trashed down streets, never took anything that wasn't mine and I can go on an on about how these immigrants are acting! Down south of Hungary close to the borders the people are frightening in the villages! The migrants breaking into homes, stealing, destroying everything and using guns to fight with each other and god knows what else they are doing but one thing they are not doing! The things that someone would do to fit in somewhere that is not their homeland! Animals are behaving in better ways and the aggression they putting out it's not something that anyone would welcome!
Now Brussel wants to force these migrants into Hungary and wants to make them build the biggest migrant ghettos here! All things would break out like hell here that's for sure!!!
Orban Viktor is fighting against this mandatory quotas and he must win this fight! Brussel is breaking it's own rules and because other counties who has let them come in has failed and unable to control this horrifying situation, now they are trying to make other counties to take them too! No thank you! They can't fit in simply because they don't even try to do so! You don't go to a country and play by your own rules! You try to integrate or you are welcome to go back home! But not these migrants! They are aggressively putting they religion on people and simply destroying everything that comes in their way! Even fight with each other, gun down one and other and acting in a non sense way! If I would have acted such a way back then I would have find myself on the first plane back to Hungary straight out of the U.S.A.!!!! So why no one try to stop this behavior and put them under control! Take a look at Paris! Is this normal to anyone? It doesn't matter what caused the protest etc...Still no excuse for such an act and doing! If Brussel make Hungary to creat these ghettos and one day one person is not pleased with someone then Budapest will catch on fire too and all stores, bridges, downtown will be distorted too? My guess is yes because they simply are not civilized people! Of course not all migrants like that but please let's be honest! If we just simply watch the news every day we see these outrages behaviors and this is what Brussel wants to force on us! This world gone crazy and there isn't anything normal anymore! Seem like everybody just doing what the hell they are please too and no one cares about safety anymore!
Brussel gave no choice to Hungary! If the government will not allow the migrants to come in, then per migrants very high penalty would be charged! Why we have a separate government and why is a county has it's own life if we can't even do whatever we think it's ok for us! As a small county has helped all ready with huge amounts of donations and financial help to Ukrainian people as needed now let's
empty our pockets to the ones who has no intention to ever work only receive hand outs! I believe in Hungary there are much much more people who are poor has nothing and can't even feed their families so this money for once could go to the ones who were actually born here! Not saying that it's not a nice thing to help! Of course it is...all I am saying is that every county should be able to decide if there is enough funds to help other than they own, and honestly...forcing things on a nation is a  criminal act! Oh yes I kind of forgot that the whole world went kind of criminal and politicians are the biggest crooks! Anyway!
If Brussel, Germany or any country is freely welcoming anyone hey it's they choice let them have them but no one ever should force anyone on any country! Not sure what has happened but since pretty much Covid hit the world everything has turned up side down and this planet acting like we are all in a jungle where isn't any rules! Well even there is unwritten ways that actually the animals are keeping in line which humans can't even do with an intelligence that was given! Well that being said let's just take it day by day and hope that the new generation still will be able to survive but one thing is for sure! I am glad I am not a child in this century and I am glad I don't have one because I for sure would worry to death what kind of life they will be able live in the future! Nothing is for sure anymore and I am curious to see what high will this elevate this corrupt disgusting world!
At the same time life is beautiful just find the good in it! Still much great things are around and much blessing which I am wishing to everyone 🙌🙏
Piece YALL

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JULY 14, 2023